Our Profile

Technigent is a family run business with development facilities in Ahmedabad and Rajkot (India).

Our objective is to not only develop the software you specify, but team up with you to create solutions that truly maximize your business value. To provide professional support, we work with qualified partners in Amerika and Europe. These experienced professionals understand your business processes & requirements, so a smooth communication and software development process can be guaranteed. We look forward to develop great software solutions with you!

Our History

Technigent has a history in outsourcing. The company was started to cater to American clients and many of our projects therefore were developed in an outsourcing construction. We have done project with clients in India, UK, US, Germany, Argentina, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Israel, New Zealand, Austrailia, Switzerland, Vietnam. We aim to have business experts as our representatives that can help translate these in software solutions we build. This way you work with an expert that speaks your language and truly understands your business.

Our Team

Our People

Software development is all about people. Both the development process and results rely heavily on human knowledge, communication, teamwork and service oriented attitude. In the end it is the quality, experience, passion and attitude of our employees that makes the difference. For that reason we continuously look for good people and take time to improve our soft and hard skills. Obviously much attention is given to the development of technical knowledge and skills, but as process management, cooperation and interaction are essential as well, we equally value leadership and teamwork skills. When you hire Technigent, you hire a team.

Our Values

  • We are solution providers, not software vendors or code-writers. This requires that we not only understand the client specifications, but truly understand the business needs and the value the software adds for our client. This is what makes the difference between good and great software!
  • We are team players. We all hold our unique pieces of the jigsaw. Only together we can lay it. To get the whole picture, we cooperate closely in our team, that includes the client and other stakeholders. Team work, meetings and evaluation are not a must, but a necessity!
  • We discuss progress, issues and risks openly. Exploring ideas, solving problems and imagining ideas is teamwork. We discuss and mitigate issues as soon as they occur, and if there is a risk for our client we discuss this openly. For everyone involved, it is better to know what is going on, than to be surprised at the last moment with no time to anticipate.
  • We are professionals. This means that we continuously develop all skills required to function as a company, and not only our technical skills. What we do not know, we ask and where we can help each other we will. Together we aim to fully develop both our individual potential and maximize the synergy between us. This produces the best results and generates most fun as well!

Our Infrastructure

Technigent has over 7500 sq. ft. of state-of-the-art software development facilities in the heart of Ahmedabad and Rajkot, India. Our infrastructure incorporates high-speed, reliable data networks as well as modern servers and other top-of-the-line hardware. We use best-in-class development, performance management and project management, It is for a reason our clients do not only use our software development services, but also choose to host their software with us and trust us with the maintenance as well.