Before starting the project, we discuss your wishes and explore the functionality required.

  • Save time and resources
  • Identify and manage risks beforehand
  • Implement an iterative product development process

Our sales representative and business analyst clarify your request. We then study your project up to the level of detail that we need to specify the solution and estimate the timeline and cost. We then supply you with a high level requirements document and initial quotation. If this can be agreed upon, we involve our technical team to prepare a detailed proposal document, that contains all information required to start the project. This usually consist of a user story, Work Breakdown Structure, time and cost estimate and – if required – additional documents such as flowcharts, wireframes, R&D to be done etc. If agreed, you will receive a specified quotation.


After the proposal document and quotation are signed, startup begins. Our team lead and team prepare a time planning and the right people are assigned to your project. Our teams typically consist of a mix of business analysts, marketing professionals, designers, developers, testers, R&D experts, project managers and SEO-experts. We then kick off the project with you. We discuss all project details and decide on a project management method that matches the complexity of the project and your preference. Often we use Agile, but our experienced project managers also support other methods. We then fill our project management tool with all relevant data. This becomes the central tool for project control, including logging all relevant project related information, scheduling, resources control, issue and risk management, change management, cost control and project reporting.

Project Management

For most project we apply Agile, sometimes in combination with other project management methods. This iterative Development Methodology provides a combination of control and flexibility that matches most of our projects needs. The team plans and controls progress within predefined timeframes (sprints). Our CFT team discusses each and every point regarding the project on a daily basis. This ensures that risks and communication gaps, if any, are identified and managed effectively at an early stage. We prefer to involve you in the communication process and discuss issues, deviations and changes when they occur. Obviously we report and discuss results and progress at the agreed upon frequency.

The result: consistent and continuous development with concrete product releases, while keeping everybody in the loop.

Project Management Sprint

Strong Project Management is the foundation for delivering quality solutions

Project Execution

Starting with a thorough analysis of the requirements, we select the right combination of technologies. We then plan the sprints with the right priorities. During execution the Agile approach assures that the work is continuously monitored and adjusted when needed. After each sprint we release software, that can be tested and demonstrated. This way you can monitor the progress and check whether requirements are met. Issues and priorities are openly reported, discussed and tackled in meetings. After each sprint we evaluate our approach, the cooperation within the team and the interaction with stakeholders. Based on the results, we adjust the project accordingly, learning all the time.

Project Close

After finalizing the product we make sure all code, documentation and other project deliverables are handed over. Only after a thorough evaluation within the team and our client, the project is closed and archived. We aim for continuous improvement and make sure that lessons learned are implemented. We think that constant improvement of the Quality of our services and products, is a prerequisite for building long lasting relationships with our clients.