CAARA - A Secured Computer Assessment and Risk Analysis Application

Application to analyze patients' healthcare data, health insurance claim history and assign a score to patients' medical risks for a medical practitioner.

Analyze health care data for medical risk assessment

Our client is a doctor based in the USA for whom we designed a web-based application that enables doctors and nurses in analyzing health care data. The solution further helps them to identify the diagnosis and treatments that patients undergo. Besides, it also examines their health claim history and behavioral questions to assign a score to their medical risk.

Integrated patient profiles for better advice and treatment

The application lets doctors or nurses create a brief profile of the patient that includes his details, medical conditions, and health insurance claim history. The medical team can also upload beneficiary details through excel or CSV file into the system. The tool supports patient risk assessments by calculating a risk profile from the scores assigned by the staff. These ratings are given based on the patient’s health claim history and behavioral questions.

Flexible export of information and reports

Numerous reports on population and general risk can be produced and exported in various formats like CSV, Excel, PDF or the web. The application facilitates our client to search and filter the reports based on parameters like ID, name, birth year, etc.

Our clients reported better and accurate analysis of patient’s health by using our web application. CAARA has shown to adequately identify risks at an early stage, which in turn helps doctors to advise and treat patients more accurately.

Technologies Used

  • Asp.Net MVC
  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server

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  • Accurate risk calculation.
  • Analyze patient health care by tracking the conditions.
  • Various reports for better decision making.


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