Media play application for public speaker

Mobile media play application that serves as a listening platform for the followers of a tech entrepreneur and public speaker.

Mobile application for audio playback

For our international client, who is a famous tech entrepreneur and a public speaker, we developed an audio playback mobile application. The native android application is developed with Java and Android Studio.

User thought provoking audio contents

This mobile application is used to play inspiring and thought provoking audio content that is managed from an easy to use cloud application. A brief background story description is displayed with each track along with the audio to help listeners get more immersed into the story.

Access to entire library with in-app purchase

The application has an in-app purchase feature for additional media. Initially users can listen to some of the speeches for free, after which they can purchase additional tracks.

Our mobile application provides easy access to motivational speeches from one of the world’s leading public speakers on career success and facilitates buying additional content.

Technologies Used

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John Smith, Clinic Photo Mobility, Inc.
  • High quality audio & video playback with text display option
  • Easy to manage cloud solution for media management
  • In App purchase option


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