Sharepoint Solution: Workflow Management For Social Cause

Workflow Management is a solution on SharePoint to let our client efficiently manage their employees, projects, tasks, and resources.

Managing data sources to supervise multi-level work schedules

Our client works towards transforming the under privileged society in Vietnam from the ground up. To meet this noble cause, several projects with multiple touchpoints, varied schedules and numerous milestones were going on simultaneously. Keeping track of the execution of these projects at an overall level became more and more difficult for the client, due to the large amount of data sources.

Effective tracking of employee performance and project execution

To address this, we developed an effective and scalable SharePoint solution that lets our client manage their employees, projects, tasks and resources.The solutionhelpstrack employee performance and signal whether a particular milestone or entire project is delayed or progressing as scheduled. It not only ensures that all milestones within the project are completed efficiently, but also alerts if there is a delay in completion of a milestone so that corrective action can be taken as a priority.

Systematic delegation leads to efficient communication and collaboration within teams

The client creates projects, adds tasks and assigns these to employees. Employees schedule their assigned duties and register the progress until completion. The solution automatically tracks the status of tasks to ensure that the project is controlled and resources are used efficiently. Employees use the solution to collaborate: the inbuilt forum enables communication between team members, topic discussions, and document sharing. Various reports and dashboards are available, to analyze employees and resources productivity across multiple projects.

The SharePoint solution helped our client to increase their employees' productivity, better utilization of resources and achieving milestones in given timeline that eventually lead to more successful projects. Improved communication and growth in productivity is also significant.

Technologies Used

  • Sharepoint 2013

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  • SharePoint based Workflow Management System
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Easy assignment of tasks to the system and quick task allocation
  • Efficient resource usage
  • Better visibility of resource utilization and project execution


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