Wordpress Woocommerce Online Retail Portal For Inventiko

Scalable WordPress Woocommerce e-commerce platform to promote innovative products online for Inventiko.

One marketplace for multiple innovative products

Our US client had a unique vision of building a platform where various innovators can market and promote their innovations. The platform serves as a standard marketplace where consumers can shop for distinctive and innovative products at one place. We were asked to build a scalable e-commerce platform that could host multiple products on their online store. We designed and developed an online marketplace that exclusively promotes and sells products from inventors across the US.

Find what you are looking for in a couple of clicks

The online market place is a WordPress Woocommerce website. The platform is made user-friendly by implementing product categories and search functionality. All the innovative products have been organized well. Shoppers can conveniently select a product category and browse to narrow down their search for faster shopping. Products can also be searched based on tags, so that searching for products is very intuitive and easy.

Great buying experience guaranteed

The product description was developed to answer most of the queries that a user may have while viewing the item. Users can find all the product details and images on the product page. All sales related activities are designed for ease of use. The user can add products to their wishlist and shopping cart. A payment gateway is integrated with the platform which facilitates the users to securely pay online and lock the purchase from the e-commerce store.

Inventiko has developed into a channel where buyers connect with sellers of innovative inventions. It allows users to browse through a wide array of innovative products in a single marketplace. As a result, buyers can scan through multiple products from a vast catalog and sellers get a viable online channel to sell their products to a broad audience. This, in turn, leads to higher visibility among interested buyers and thus generates more sales for sellers.

Technologies Used

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce

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  • Unique marketplace to buy/sell innovative products across the US
  • Payment integration and convenient checkout
  • Excellent product categorization
  • Quick search to find innovative products faster


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