Advertisement integration in Bible app

Advertisement integration in an existing media play application

Study Holy Bible anywhere, anytime

Our client already owned an iOS application that lets its users read and study the Holy Bible preaching’s anywhere and at any time. The user can bookmark multiple pages for easy and quick access, add notes, auto scroll, set reading mode, adjust the font size and share teachings among friends.

AdMob integration for some passive income

Our client needed some income from advertisements to be able to continue to provide the app for free to its users. To generate some passive income, we implemented AdMob advertisement integration in their existing app.

Secure payment to get rid of ads

Application users now get advertisement pop ups whenever they visit the chapters. To get rid of these pop ups they can purchase the pro version of the application.

Our client now generates passive income from advertisements as well as some additional income from users who opted to upgrade their existing application to the pro version. This way they can keep providing their service to a large audience.

Technologies Used

  • iOS

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  • Ads integration into the App
  • Payment gateway integration for paid users


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