POS & Barcode Scanning System

POS and barcode scanning solution that helps extend the functionality of their technology and provides a better purchasing experience for users.

Integrated Point Of Sales, CRM and billing solution

Our client has been providing barcode solutions for the past five years to customers like Motorola, Tally, Zebra, etc. We developed a Point of Sales system that supports the whole sales process from scanning the product barcodes to billing the client. The solution handles point of sale, inventory and customer relationship management. Our client’s employees add customers or select existing customers for the billing process. They either scan barcodes or search products from the list displayed on the screen. In case of an item based on quantity (kg, liter), the price per unit is automatically calculated. The system smoothly integrates and works with devices like Barcode Scanner, Bill-Printer, Cash Drawers, keyboard & mouse and external Payment solutions.

A great tool for flawless inventory management and price updation

Authorized employees can edit the price from any device in case of ongoing promotions, discounts, etc. Both cash and card payments are supported. The system allows for product return management so that the inventory is always updated and all products can be tracked. It can track, monitor, and update inventory inward and outward and generate purchase orders via email or printed PO. The system facilitates alerts for low stock items, vendor requests, placement of new orders, recurring orders and automatically generate orders for items that run out of stock. Our client can monitor and manage sales, returns and also view stock availability for any product.

The CRM helps in Market Research as well building brand loyalty through client correspondence

The system is designed to support customer relationships management. The record of customer’s details and their transaction histories enables our client to analyze buying habits and needs for each customer. Emails or SMS’s for bills, promotional offers, seasonal greetings, birthday/anniversary wishes, discount coupons, etc. can be sent from the system. The application facilitates loyalty programs. When processing an order, loyalty points are added or redeemed, which are directly shown on the bills generated. Various reports for sales, purchase, stocks, expenses, etc. can be generated for analyses and better decision making.

With the POS and barcode scanning system, the client can better promote the product as a comprehensive technology solution. This, in turn, leads to better conversion than before and boosts business revenues. A significant increase in sales of our client’s barcode scanning solution is just one of the results. Now, our client can showcase an ‘all-in-one’ solution to manage the most critical business segments like POS, inventory, and CRM.

Technologies Used

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John Smith, Clinic Photo Mobility, Inc.
  • A single solution to manage and maintain POS, inventory, and CRM.
  • Auto calculation of prices based on item quantity.
  • The solution supports editing prices on the go.
  • Touch screen support.
  • Direct purchase orders for low stock items.
  • Engaging emails/SMS to customers.
  • Built using a combination of ASP.Net MVC and Angular JS.


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