Educational Prank Bank game

Prank banking application that helps users learn the basics of banking, while having fun.

Learning with fun

Our client envisioned a fake banking application that serves as an educational application for banking, while providing the joy of pretending to be millionaire. We developed a mobile application as a solution that is a replica of banking application in terms of its looks and functions.

Learn banking basics: Deposit, transfer & withdraw

The application replicates banking accounts, wherein user can have as much fake money as they want. Users can have multiple fake accounts where they can deposit, transfer and withdraw money from. They can manage their money, view account balances, including available balance and pending deposits as well as they can view their transactions.

Personalize as per your choice

The application can be customized by the users: they can change the bank logo, choose their currency from the worldwide currency list and add bank branches on the map to make it look like a real banking application.

Our client now has an application that helps users understand the way banking services works. This application serves as a learning platform for its users.

Technologies Used

  • Cordova
  • jQuery
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Java Script

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John Smith, Clinic Photo Mobility, Inc.
  • Developed using technologies: iOS, Android, Cordova Framework, JQuery & JavaScript
  • Simple and user-friendly app for learning


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