Medical second opinion app

Web and mobile application that supports cancer patients in getting a second opinion remotely.

Consult with remote medical experts from all over the country

Our client is a medical practitioner at one of the most reputed hospitals in the state. The client came up with an idea of creating an online platform to help patients and their loved ones obtain a second opinion from specialists irrespective of their location. Patients can consult with specific remote experts, which sometimes spread all over the country.

Specialized expertise used better

These experts on the other hand can offer their services to a much larger audience. Based on a patient’s wish, he/she can either schedule a consultation with a single or with multiple doctors simultaneously, that are available in the preferred time period. A unique feature, “Suggest Me” helps patients find the best doctor to consult, based on the patients’ needs. The patient then pays online through the integrated payment gateway.

Multi-expert meetings made easy

As a preparation to the consult, patients upload their medical (test) documents, so that the doctors involved have access to up-to-date medical information. The patient then has a video conference call with the doctor(s) at the planned moment. During this call, doctors and patient can use the integrated group chat function. In case - due to any reason - the scheduled meeting was not conducted, the platform provides the option to either reschedule the meeting or return the payment.

The platform helps patients to select &consult the best suited specialist for a second opinion from all over the country. This is done at relatively low cost and without the need to travel. For specialist doctors it acts as an additional source of income. They get access to a larger group of patients that require their specific expertise, and can give consults from a location of their choice at a time that suits them best.

Technologies Used

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John Smith, Clinic Photo Mobility, Inc.
  • Developed using cutting edge technology:.NET MVC, Objective C, Eclipse and JAVA
  • Medical documents upload option
  • Specialist doctor selection support
  • Video conference call
  • Group chat during call
  • Payment Integration


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