Price quotation calculator

Price calculator as an enhancement to the existing Statii website

Generating new prospects and leads

Statii ltd. is found and ran by manufacturers with over 25 years’ experience, owning and running manufacturing businesses in the metal fabrication sector. Our client offers simple and sustainable ERP solutions for the SMEs in the manufacturing sector. Their ERP solutions enable business to increase productivity, and cost effectiveness. It helps companies to organize internally and reach its full potential.

Designed for customer service

We developed a price calculating application in WordPress for our client, as a part of their existing website.

Quick and easy price quotation on go

The main purpose of developing a calculator was to let visitors calculate the monthly subscription fees based on their requirements. It also helped our client in generating prospects and leads for their products.

The calculator helps our client to provide a better service for their clients. Clients are supported with selecting products, increasing sales. The ease-of-use also helps in generating more prospects and leads for our client.

Technologies Used

  • WordPress

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  • Developed and fully integrated in WordPress
  • Easy to use Quotation calculator
  • Generates prospects and leads


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