SuperSeller–Mall Promotion System

SuperSeller is a solution developed for shopping center owners to promote and enhance visitors’ shopping experience. SuperSeller can be customized as per your needs.

Promote your mall together

To attract more visitors and increase walk-ins, we designed ‘SuperSeller,’ a mall promotion system that helps shopkeepers unite to promote and improve their reach and footfalls. The SuperSeller application provides complete information about the mall; it's amenities and locations to prospective customers. It serves both the parties involved; the retailers who own shops as well as the customers who visit the mall.

Put your store on the map

For retailers, the application facilitates in showcasing their products and other details like store name, description, images, store location, opening hours, contact details, store types, etc. Interactive floor plans and maps help customers in conveniently locating the required store. Promotional emails, SMS, notification offers, and discounts can also be broadcast from the application. The retailers can track and analyze their marketing efforts and its results.

All information you need to go shopping in one app

The tool provides instant access to opening hours, contact details of the mall and respective authorities for an instant communication during emergencies. Additionally, the app helps retailers to stay connected and increase customer engagement. Customers can view products from the shops online, book tickets, get regular updates on new offers and promotions and instantly find directions to the store with GPS locator.

With SuperSeller, mall owners were able to reportedly increase the number of visitors by providing an enhanced shopping experience. The application saved time, cost of marketing and also gave a complete analysis of the same. Customers were able to view products online, get regular updates on offers/promotions and locate stores easily, leading to an increase in customer loyalty and return visits.

SuperSeller is flexible and can be customized as per client’s unique requirements. Contact our Sales Support to purchase this software or to obtain additional information.

Technologies Used

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  • GPS locator to easily locate stores
  • Better customer engagement
  • Regular updates on new offers and discounts
  • Easy tracking and analysis of marketing efforts and results.


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